Who knew Pinot Noir was so good for you?

Who knew Pinot Noir was so good for you?

Red Wine Therapy

It’s a pretty usual Sunday evening and I’m indulging in a spot of Red Wine Therapy. Pinot Noir is my favourite red wine; light, fruity and highly quaffable. I learnt this week that it is also one of the best red wines for my physical wellbeing – and there I was just thinking it was a mental-health-thing!

red wine therapy
red wine

One of the wonderful aspects of researching ways in which we can age Goldenly is that I get to chat with people who have come up with solutions to the endless drivel of anti-ageing propaganda. At GOLDIE magazine ® we are always looking for ideas which promote being the best we can be at the age we are. Beauty and health brands often make us feel that the only way to age is to NOT AGE. Well, that’s not really what works for many of us. We want to look great, be healthy and be our age.

I came across Ella Di Rocco on IG and loved their ethos – I may well have been drinking a glass of red at the time! Not only was I drawn to the idea of a red wine spa, but the focus of what this mother and daughter team offer is all about finding a holistic way to engage in looking your best-self at any age.

Ella di Rocco
Ella di Rocco

I was lucky to be invited to visit the Ella Di Rocco Spa this week for a complimentary treatment.  I want to be upfront that Anna and Sonia gifted me this. My following review could be seen to be skewed by the fact that it was free. But I will be asking for a return visit as a special birthday present from Weef…

What is a Wine Spa?

Red wine can apparently restore natural skin glow as the polyphenols that are present in wine prevent cell oxidation, one of the main causes of ageing skin. Resveratrol also works to minimise the effects of oxidative stress and protects the skin from the harmful UV-induced effects. But how can it do all this without ingesting it?

The Red-Wine treatment starts with a foot soak and a glass of wine. This already feels more treat-than-treatment. After a very stressful few weeks even being in the cave-like space in which this takes place was enough to make me tearful. The basement where the Vinotherapy takes place feels a bit like a film set: two parts La Dolce Vita with a splash of Fifty Shades. Very Instagram-able. However, I was in paper knickers so chose not to share on IG.

Whilst the tub filled with a mix of Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo mixed with warm water and virgin grape juice concentrate plus a handful of American Beauty rose petals, I had a full body Merlot scrub. After the scrub, I was left to soak in the bath, set at the perfect temperature to open pores, release toxins, lower blood sugar levels and relieve painful joints and muscles. I could have stayed for hours, topped up with wine and the natural endorphins that were released I was on a relax-roll.  But more was to follow; post-boozy-bath it was time for a detoxifying massage. I have no idea what was used. By this point, I was as floppy as a ragdoll and really couldn’t have cared less what was being massaged in me. Have I already mentioned tears? It was full-on drama sobs by this point.

Ella di Rocco
Ella di Rocco

Back to the real world

I wouldn’t recommend this treatment if you needed to do anything that required brain power shortly after. I just about managed to meet Weef for dinner and get home. That night I slept for 11 hours! I must have turned the alarm off the next morning but I don’t recall doing so.

Five days later my skin still feels very soft –  I’m not a body lotion kind of person – my stress levels have returned to normal but I am sure that the glasses of Sunday night Pinot Noir will sort that out. And I am feeling less stressed about imbibing Pinot Noir.

Wine therapy doesn’t claim to take off the years but if you are looking for a treat to relax you in the way a joint might have in the past, then I can thoroughly recommend Vinotherapy as a special occasion way to unwind.  I suspect that the key to looking the best we can at any age is actually about being chilled.  However you achieve that –  via yoga, a glass of red, a gong-bath or a combination – may not matter that much. The key is in finding what works for each of us. I’ll stick to the benefits of polyphenols.

Book a Wine Spa therapy at Ella di Rocco here

raj-eiamworakul - red wine
raj-eiamworakul – red wine

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