So what is wellbeing? Is it physical fitness? Mental wealth? Yoga? Healthy eating? Sleep habits? Coaching? Therapy? Meditation or medication? Happiness?

We think that there is a wealth of constantly changing advice being chucked at us from all sides about what we should and shouldn’t be doing to live life healthily. GOLDIE magazine isn’t going to be telling you what to do  – we don’t do rules, you’re adult, enough to work out what you need  – but we will be looking at all sorts of options and the people who are doing things to make their own lives work well.

We want you to be curious. To wonder whether yoga would work for you  – Nancy Donahue may inspire you to get on the mat – or to take see if the answer to stress may be to swear more – Jayne Gould finds evidence to suggest that may well be the case.

We have grow your own HRT from Sally Duffell, chatting in the pub with Andrew Harvey and what’s your problem answered by therapist Sharon Eden. If you fancy living out loud Rona Steinberg offers tips and if you wondered if marrying would make you happy then Jayne Gould’s story may convince you.

Our regular Life Lessons section brings you four different viewpoints each issue. In the current GOLDIE magazine, we have Enid Shelmedine, Terry Ramsey, Jane Jennison and  Paul Connolly on death, hangovers, gardening and becoming an older dad.

Life Lessons are a great way to get involved in contributing to GOLDIE magazine. Send us 700 words on a topic close to your heart with a short bio and headshot. We would love to feature your story in a future issue.

Email Rebecca@goldiemediagroup.co.uk with LIFE LESSON in the subject line


GOLDIE magazine (R) has features connect directly with the over 40s thrilling generation’s lifestyle; from fashion, art and culture, to hard-hitting editorial about the challenges we all face. Style, travel, music, wellbeing – these are all a big part of the GOLDIE magazine readers life, as is eating out, entertainment and dancing: you guys know how to have a good time and GOLDIE magazine wants to show the world how with dynamic and inspiring content that speaks of the things you care about. We are more than just a magazine – although that is our main focus ‘cause we really love print – we are a community of like-minded creative and caring individuals who want to change the world dressed in our glad-rags. GOLDIE magazine will make you laugh, make you think and may make you cry – we don’t shy away from talking about the difficult stuff; there may well be times when you will sense that we are all in this together, perhaps even epiphanies. We don’t think you will like everything we print but we know you are all open-minded enough to enjoy reading about stuff that makes you see another point of view.