First time cover star at the age of 80

Beate Howitt on the Cover of GOLDIE magazine issue 5
Back in November last year Kate Riley (from MOT Models) and I had a conversation about what we felt was needed to change the way that models over 40 were being cast in both fashion and commercial work. We decided that one way to highlight this issue was to run a contest to find a new model to represent Classic.

We received quite a few responses – you can imagine can’t you? – and it wasn’t an easy task to find a model who we felt epitomized not only a look but an ethos; a way of being that summed up exuberance for life, style, energy and adaptability.

Thank you everyone who entered, we have everyone’s details on file and hope to be able to include many of you in future shoots.

The way that ageing is portrayed is still by and large outmoded – in a recent IPSOS MORI report they discovered that modern marketers are happy to stick to worn-out stereotypes – one prominent ad man, approached for comment, simply said “Old people? I steer well clear”.

Ageing is both seen and presented as a problem rather than a privilege across all sectors of society and fashion is no exception. When analysing the figures from the latest fashion weeks The Fashion Spot found that “once again, women age 50 and above were the least represented of all the groups.” And in terms of magazine covers for 2018 only 41 of the 748 (5.5%) covers that Fashion Spot looked at carried a cover star over 50

We are very proud to be challenging these old-fashioned views. Every cover of GOLDIE magazine features a star over 40 (100%). Our entire fashion editorial portrays untouched models over 40. We believe that fashion and beauty don’t come with a sell-by-date.

But back to Beate…we will be sharing her inspirational life story in the new issue of GOLDIE magazine available 18th April; meanwhile you can catch up with her on BBC news, follow her on Instagram and enjoy sharing her good news.

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First time cover star at the age of 80

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