Do we need legislation to end ageism?

Do we need legislation to end ageism?

What do you think GOLDIE folks?

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Kathy and Derek Keefe in their home in Kent

Subcultures and the elderly could receive protection under hate crime laws. The Law Commission, the independent body that recommends legal reforms, will look at whether there are any gaps in hate crime legislation as part of a package of measures announced by the Home Office last Tuesday.

But is this entirely necessary – are the elderly really in need of positive discrimination? Research from SunLife reveals older generations do in fact feel discriminated against.

Since turning 50, almost four in ten people said they have experienced some kind of age discrimination with 62% of those believing they have lost out on a job because of it. After turning 50, 11 percent said they felt isolated and left out of team bonding exercises, social events, and meetings at work while one in ten have faced negative remarks about their age from colleagues.

Ian Atkinson, Director of Marketing at SunLIfe said: “Age discrimination and ageist language continues to be a challenge for many people. At SunLife –a company that celebrates life after 50 – we welcome a focus on these issues. The average age in the UK is higher than it’s ever been and there are more people over 50 in the UK (around 24,440,4151) than ever too, so it’s disheartening to think that in 2018 so much ageism still abounds. It’s also very odd to see how some people discriminate against a group they hope to one day join.”

Around 72% of people surveyed for SunLife’s Welcome to Life After 50 campaign, say the portrayal of their age group in the media is negative and gets worse the older you get (69% for 50-59, 74% for 60+), while 66% think there should be more over 50s on TV.

The good news is that 78% couldn’t care less what others think of them since turning 50 and care even less as they get older! Since turning 50, around 61% say they enjoy life more and believe it gets better the older you get.

SunLife is running a campaign about #lifeafter50 which resonates with our message at GOLDIE magazine.

They are encouraging people to celebrate life after 50 and recognise that for many those can be the best years of your life. They want to share what they discovered in the interviews around the UK with people over 50 – that they’re busier than ever taking up new hobbies, starting new businesses, trying new experiences and living life to the full –  to redress the balance where people over 50 rarely feature on TV (look at a car ad – people over 50 buy 65% of all new cars yet the ads only ever feature millennials).

With more of us challenging how ageing is portrayed hopefully we will see this new ageing reality reflected in mainstream media. So perhaps until that is the case we do need a bit of positive discrimination.

Who says life is less fun after 50!!

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