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Weef On the Menu

Weef On the Menu

Piazza Della Cucina,

London SE23 2NE Meet the Artist

Tuesday 26th March 7:30 – 9:00pm Tickets £10

Head to the leafy South London enclave of Forest Hill on Tuesday 26th March and you’ll be in for a treat. Artist and illustrator Weef Smith will be topping the daily specials board at Italian restaurant, Piazza Della Cucina. Join him in conversation as he launches his delectable new exhibition Weef On The Menu – a ten year retrospective of his works.

Weef is an established artist with a penchant for bold prints in vibrant colours. He creates his works using whichever materials are available. This exhibition serves up a veritable smorgasbord of his favourite pieces, many of which have never been displayed in public before.

As well as his love for fine art, Weef has earned his crust as a newspaper designer for countless Fleet Street titles and is probably best known for his illustrations which have appeared in The Times, The Telegraph and the Evening Standard amongst others. In 2018 he co-founded and became Art Director for GOLDIE magazine.

The Meet the Artist will be a rare opportunity for fans to get the inside track on Weef. Including his journey from fine art to print journalism and back again, his creative process, what (or who) inspires him and why hitting his sixties has unleashed within him a new age of artistic productivity.

Weef says: “I’ve been looking for an opportunity to make my work available in places where people don’t normally expect to see art. I jumped at the opportunity to show at Piazza Della Cucina. It’s a great local space which makes art more accessible so it ticks two boxes. I also think there’s a great symbiosis with food. I love the idea of people feasting their eyes while they fill their bellies! ”

Weef on the Menu at Piazza Della Cucina, 15 Perry Vale, Forest Hill, London SE23 2NE on 26th March at 7 30 pm. The £10 cover charge includes a glass of wine or beer; Weef on the menu ticket holders will be offered an exclusive 10% discount to dine in the main restaurant on the evening of the event. THE BEST Pizzas in London according to Weef. 

Tickets available here:

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Directions: google maps

Piazza Della Cucina is 2 minutes from Forest Hill station.

Bus routes: 185, 176, 122, 356

Free Parking is available on Perry Vale and nearby streets

Please note physical tickets will be not issued for this event. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24 hours before the event.

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