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Drum roll please, oh yes we’ve done it again. Another blindingly good edition of GOLDIE magazine will hit the newsstands on July 18th just in time for you to pack for your summer holidays. I genuinely can’t think of a better read whilst you’re on your travels. And even if – like Weef and I – you will be travelling no further than your own backyard, there is still plenty to inspire in our 132 pages of sunshine content.

We are proud to continue our mission to share ground-breaking content with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. A cover of any magazine is shorthand for what you will find inside: We have not one, but two totally fabulous cover stars – Evon and Alie (thank you Mrs Robinson Management)  look amazing in swimwear by Collectif, with DIY sunglasses and an attitude that rocks. When was the last time you saw un-photoshopped models over 40 in swimwear on a magazine cover?  Yeah, we can’t recall a cover like that either?

The cover was shot by one of our favourite collaborators Sammy Baxter with make-up by Paris using NYX products from Superdrug. Like the rest of the magazine, this cover is a mix of creative talents and making the most of what is available. A fashion shoot on a windy Bournemouth beach could have been a disaster, but we all mucked in and got the results without anyone getting stressed.

One of the nicest comments from the day came from Evon, she was nervous about doing a swimwear shoot but ended up having fun, “….a year ago I could not have imagined myself doing this. When there is fun involved, wearing wild make-up and wild clothes, in a public space where everyone is also wearing swimwear, then what a great way of getting rid of shyness. A GEM!”

We want everyone to get to the end of reading GOLDIE Life’s a beach with the same sense. Our GOLDIE in conversation is back this month with a similar intention. We want to re-appropriate the term “Beach Body Ready.” Our plan is to usher in a culture of inclusivity where everyone – no matter age, size, ethnicity or gender – feels confident in stripping down to their swimwear. Are you with us?

Why don’t you join me and my four gorgeous panellists -Clara @RollinFunky, David @greyfoxblog, Ava @avafaythompson and Pippa @thegirlnessproject – at the Devonshire Club on July 18th for an evening of celebration, champagne and disrupting the status quo. Since when has going to the beach been contingent on being a lithe twenty-something model? Watch local families at any Mediterranean resort and you’ll see multiple generations – all shapes and sizes – frolicking together in tiny bikinis and skimpy trunks without a care in the world. We want to channel that spirit. We’re talking about a revolution that embraces all body types and ages.  I would love to see you there. Tickets for GOLDIE In Conversation are £25 and available in advance via eventbrite…… Swimming cozzies are optional but I’ll be in mine.

How can you resist?

BTW we will be including a copy of the brand new Life’s a beach issue in the GOLDIE goody bags on the night, along with other delights from our partners in positivity!

If you can’t make it along on the night, you can pre-order your copy for delivery on 18th July, don your bikini and be with us in spirit.

With love and summer well wishes

Rebecca xx

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