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Positively Ageless Fashion 

Positively Ageless Fashion 

By Richard Kaby

I believe that fashion can empower us, that clothes can add to a positive sense of self and, that in doing so, fashion can rediscover its place in the world as a factor of positive change.

Some shops inform you about your own needs and educate you into a new way of creating rather than consuming. You can leave feeling better about yourself,  not just temporarily from a spending hit, but with a renewed sense of self-awareness.

Of course, this is ageless and timeless; I’m not saying that over-40s have special access to this way of relating to fashion. But there is the possibility that with such a large market share of clothes consumption, we can make a difference to the way the industry operates.

When we reclaim the fun that fashion can be about, when we make the decision to be beautiful on our own terms, and when we stop paying attention to the rules, we can gain a hell of a wellbeing kick from fashion.


GOLDIE magazine (R) has features connect directly with the over 40s thrilling generation’s lifestyle; from fashion, art and culture, to hard-hitting editorial about the challenges we all face. Style, travel, music, wellbeing – these are all a big part of the GOLDIE magazine readers life, as is eating out, entertainment and dancing: you guys know how to have a good time and GOLDIE magazine wants to show the world how with dynamic and inspiring content that speaks of the things you care about. We are more than just a magazine – although that is our main focus ‘cause we really love print – we are a community of like-minded creative and caring individuals who want to change the world dressed in our glad-rags. GOLDIE magazine will make you laugh, make you think and may make you cry – we don’t shy away from talking about the difficult stuff; there may well be times when you will sense that we are all in this together, perhaps even epiphanies. We don’t think you will like everything we print but we know you are all open-minded enough to enjoy reading about stuff that makes you see another point of view.