Astrologer Jennifer Angel

Here’s the thing about GOLDIE magazine® we are a bit of a mix – much like any good relationship we are yin and yang. You may not be an astrology-kind-of-person , perhaps you are more of an evidence-based-science-geek, but we believe in offering all views and options.  I am super excited to welcome Jennifer Angel into the GOLDIE Crew. As someone who checks her horoscopes daily having our very own GOLDIE astrologer is the icing on the cake for me.

Weef may not be so in awe of the stars but even he admits at times to be influenced by a Mercury retrograde.

Each month we will share Jennifer’s overview and monthly forecasts online (what’s in store) and in each issue of GOLDIE magazine, Jennifer will have an exclusive three-month sign-by-sign forecast for  GOLDIE readers.


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