Lifes a Beach: fashion,friends and dressing up.

About GOLDIE editorial

We are magazine fans who were depressed to find that there were no magazines which jumped of the newsstand and enticed us to part with our cash.

We were bought up on The Face and wanted to recreate that thrill for our generation.

We have many years of experience in print media and fashion, an extensive network of journalists and photographers, and aren’t ready to stop making a difference.

Many of our contributors have put in years on UK magazines and newspapers, both as writers and sub-editors.

We believe that expertise shouldn’t go to waste and that redundancy is just another word for opportunity.

We are also connected to a network of researchers and positive practitioners who are at the cutting edge of work into positive ageing. We think their findings can be shared with style and humour.

We love an event and will be sharing our views with our fans at many ‘happenings’ across the UK.

We are:

Editor: Rebecca Weef Smith

Art Director: Weef Smith

gang of like-minded individuals

About Goldie magazine

We are talking ‘bout our generation and aspire to do so for many years yet.

Goldie magazine has features that connect directly with this – the over 40s – thrilling generation’s lifestyle; from fashion, art and culture, to hard-hitting editorial about the challenges that we all face.

Style, travel, music, wellbeing – these are all a big part of the Goldie magazine readers life, as is eating out, entertainment and dancing: you guys know how to have a good time and Goldie magazine wants to show the world how you do it!

Goldie magazine will do our very best to find dynamic and inspiring content that speaks of the things you care about.

We are more than just a magazine – although that is our main focus ‘cause we really love print – we are a community of like-minded creative and caring individuals who want to change the world dressed in our Gladrags.

The chances are Goldie magazine will make you laugh, make you think and may make you cry – we don’t shy away from talking about the difficult stuff; there may well be times when you will sense that we are all in this together, perhaps even epiphanies.

We don’t think you will like everything we print but we know you are all open-minded enough to enjoy reading about stuff that makes you see another point of view.

About Goldie magazine readers

You don’t feel old; you feel more comfortable in your own skin than you have ever done before in your life.

You love learning new things: curiosity is your middle name

Your life is hectic and creative – whether that’s paid work, volunteering, organising a home, or being a parent, grandparent or caring for your parents.

You go to gigs, start new businesses, exercise hard, excel at creative endeavours, dance ‘til dawn – or dance at dawn  – and still have those nights out where you regret that last drink … ?!

You are politically engaged and time has taught you to say what you think, you are not adverse to controversy.

You are involved with fitness and wellbeing, because you know that way you can make the most of every day and need a sound body and mind to have a blast.

You love to travel, you’re successful and solvent – because you have put in the hard graft – and fancy backpacking around South America just as much as you like a treat.

You look and feel amazing; you have found your sense of self but still play with your identity because it is fun!

Some of you love your cats and dogs, some of you love gardening, crosswords and cruises. Some of you still love to cruise the pick-up joints on a Saturday night – or at least are frequent Tinder users.

You all love an adventure, a bit of attitude and a fellow traveller to share the tales with.