Weef On the Menu

Piazza Della Cucina, London SE23 2NE Meet the Artist Tuesday 26th March 7:30 – 9:00pm Tickets £10 Head to the leafy South London enclave of Forest Hill on Tuesday 26th March and you’ll be in for a treat. Artist and illustrator Weef Smith will be topping the daily specials board at Italian restaurant, Piazza Della… More

Why would anyone dine in the dark? Well not everyone has a choice.

Rebecca ate lunch at Dans Le Noir? Clerkenwell, London, as a guest of Vision Express and the Macular Society as they launched their joint initiative to highlight the lack of funding for research into Macular Disease. It is a good job that my visit to Dans Le Noir? (excuse the question mark but that is… More

Pause, refresh, fast forward


Do we need legislation to end ageism?


Positively Ageless Fashion 


Now the over-55’s are being seen in fashion advertising


What can the fashion industry do to entice Silver Spenders?


Who knew Pinot Noir was so good for you?

Red Wine Therapy It’s a pretty usual Sunday evening and I’m indulging in a spot of Red Wine Therapy. Pinot Noir is my favourite red wine; light, fruity and highly quaffable. I learnt this week that it is also one of the best red wines for my physical wellbeing – and there I was just thinking it was… More

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The Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch

After recently reading the Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch, I can joyfully agree that life really does get better after 50. Here are the important lessons I’ve taken from the book:  We seem to be hardwired by biological and cultural evolution to experience something that looks like a U-shaped happiness curve, which doesn’t necessarily fit with how society… More