Horoscopes for 2019 -a year of vision and opportunity


Why would anyone dine in the dark? Well not everyone has a choice.

Rebecca ate lunch at Dans Le Noir? Clerkenwell, London, as a guest of Vision Express and the Macular Society as they launched their joint initiative to highlight the lack of funding for research into Macular Disease. It is a good job that my visit to Dans Le Noir? (excuse the question mark but that is… More

Pause, refresh, fast forward


Do we need legislation to end ageism?


Hmmm. Stolichnaya brownies, anyone?


Real over-55 models in the fashion industry


Positively Ageless Fashion 


Now the over-55’s are being seen in fashion advertising


What can the fashion industry do to entice Silver Spenders?


Who knew Pinot Noir was so good for you?

Red Wine Therapy It’s a pretty usual Sunday evening and I’m indulging in a spot of Red Wine Therapy. Pinot Noir is my favourite red wine; light, fruity and highly quaffable. I learnt this week that it is also one of the best red wines for my physical wellbeing – and there I was just thinking it was… More

Pimp your Pancakes…Golden Syrup anyone?

So perhaps too late for this Sunday morning but… Lazy Sunday mornings were made for these heavenly light American-style pancakes, which we used to call Scotch pancakes or flapjacks when I was growing up. Now I know flapjacks are something very different indeed, made with oats and golden syrup and lots and LOTS of butter (a recipe… More

Art with ice and a slice – Richard Holledge reviews “The Art of Campari”


Where do 20 million over-55’s all go to shop?

All Photos: Richard Kaby In 2018 there are approximately 20 million over-55s in the UK, making up one-third of the population and accounting for roughly 47 per cent of all UK consumer spending. The over-65s spend £6.7bn a year on clothes in Britain, yet it is only recently that this age group has appeared in fashion… More

Sunday treat: GOLDEN sourdough treacle tart

This is a decadently delicious tart, and a fine example of how a few basic store-cupboard ingredients can quickly deliver on richness, flavour and visual impact. Who doesn’t have a tin of golden syrup in the cupboard  -probably out of date but as it’s made from inverted sugar it really does not go off? [Great… More

Do you want to know about that Shiny Suit?

My morning is often brightened with emails relating to positive stories sparked by GOLDIE magazine®. I have a habit of checking emails in bed with my cup of tea around 7 am. It’s a ritual which works for me, sets the tone for my day, and always fires me with enthusiasm. When I spotted “do you want… More

What was the Edinburgh Festival like in the 70’s?

It’s the last week of the Edinburgh Festival and Weef shares a few ‘acts’ from his early life in Athens of the North. For all its “you’ll have had your tea” image Edinburgh was very generous to me -welcoming and kind during my eight years living in Auld Reekie trying to be an artist –… More

Summer in the City


Fabulous fritters for a sensational Sunday supper

Wondering what to do for Sunday Supper? It’s that in-between weather again in London – not ready for a full-on roast but need more than a salad kind-of-Sunday: Fabulously easy store cupboard fritters may well be the answer. I keep a container of the dry mix for this recipe in my cupboard for spontaneous fritter making –… More